About Me
Hi, my name is Patrick and I am a game developer, designer, artist, and writer. I'm interested in creating systems within games to tell stories, whether in overt narrative or in played experience. I try to explore some meaning and emotion in the narrative/mechanical design of my projects, no matter how small or large they are. All of that said, I just really enjoy the process of creating games too!

My focus has been on 2D games that can run out of web browsers, which has led to most of my projects involving Flash, Haxe/OpenFL, or HTML5/Javascript. But I like to dabble and I'm always open to learning and using new languages and tools.

Outside of games I'm passionate about history (especially ancient), language, education, and the combination of any or all of those things.
  • C#
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • HTML5 / CSS / Less
  • T-SQL
  • Actionscript 3
  • C / C++
  • Scheme
  • Python
  • Apex / SOQL
  • Git / TFS / SVN